Brand Story

One drop of science, TALS

We have strived to address major skin problems for decades and finally TALS was established with a desire to provide total skin solution to each skin type with natural formula. Based on the technology obtained by constant study on the skin mechanism, TALS was developed to help your skin get rid of stress and restore its natural vitality.

TALS was launched in 2002 at first with only a few products including TALS Ato series. Over 10 years, TALS Ato series have been loved and distributed to various shops, drug stores, home shopping channels and so on. Thanks to the great support, we could launch the New TALS series in 2012.

The New TALS, as a professional skin care brand, has been clinically tested for a long period of time and demonstrated its effectiveness on the skin. TALS not only uses high quality ingredients but also capsulizes the active substances into the multiple-layered liposome of which structure is similar to the natural lipid barrier of the skin so that the actives could be delivered deep into skin.

So far under TALS, there are various products including professional ampoules and skin care products.

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