Patent & Publication


The list of intellectual property right applied to TALS products is as follows.
  • Composition for promoting stem cell proliferation comprising vegetable peptone (No.: 10-1181911 & 10-1220239, PCT application No.: PCT/KR2009/001415)
  • Cosmetic composition comprising Asiaticoside (No.: 10-0511944-0000,.)
  • Naturotics (No.: 10-0782599-0000, US Patent pending No.: US11/732,455)
  • A composition comprising compounds of natural origin for damaged skin (No.: 10-0812596-0000, US Patent registration No.: 7,994,141)
  • Multiple layered liposome and preparation method thereof (No.: 10-0461458-0000, JP Patent registration No.:4758915)


Published Scientific papers applied to TALS products is as follows.
These are all presented by Biospectrum, a R&D company of TALS brand, at the international level.
  • Promotion of Stem Cell proliferation by vegetable peptone. Cell Proliferation 2009.
  • Effects of Vegetable Peptones on Promotion of Cell Proliferation and Collagen Production. Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea 2009
  • Panax ginseng induces human Type I collagen synthesis through activation of Smad signaling. J. Ethnopharmacol 2007.
  • Asiaticoside induce human collagen I synthesis through TGFbeta receptor I kinase-independent Smad signaling. Planta Med. 2006.
  • Effect of a preparation containing Asiaticoside on preocular wrinkles of human, Int. J. Cosmet. Sci. 2008.
  • Effect of Camellia japonica oil on human type I procollagen production and skin barrier function. J. Ethnopharmacol. May 2007.
  • Soy peptide-induced stem cell proliferation: involvement of ERK and TGF-β1. J Nutr Biochem. 2012.