What is Cellike?

Cellike is high quality proliposome which consists of lecithin, phytosterols, and natural oils. It is manufactured by imitating the composition and structure of skin cell membrane. Therefore, products with Cellike are more compatible to the physiological properties of the skin than the oil and water emulsion. By effectively penetrating the active ingredients into skin, it strengthens the skin barrier and provides sufficient moisture and antioxidant effect to the skin.

Features of Cellike
  • It mimics the natural lipid barrier of the skin in its composition and structure.
  • It has multi-lamellar structure like skin cell membrane.
  • It shows non-sticky texture, allowing quick absorption after application.
  • It offers long-lasting skin moisturizing effects through reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier function.
  • It can be useful as a natural emulsifier.
  • It is developed without any harmful or synthetic ingredients.

The similarity is shown in the pictures of the skin barrier (right, upper), Cellike (left, upper), and a conventional emulsion (left, lower), magnified by an electron microscope.

It can be clearly seen how Cellike have the structure that is very similar to skin, whereas common emulsion with synthetic emulsifiers shows dissimilarity with the structure of skin.

Multi-Layered Liposome Formula with Cellike

The multi-layered liposome formula with Cellike is capable of embracing both water-soluble and water-insoluble materials at the same time. The structure and component of multi-layered liposome with Cellike is very similar to skin, so it is very compatible with skin and penetrates skin layers easily. It transports important active substances into the skin and greatly boosts the skin’s moisture content within a short period of time. Proteins, Peptides, and other ingredients can be contained together in one formulation by using multi-layered liposome formula with Cellike.

Cellike Strengthens the Skin Barrier