MultiEx BSASM™; Skin Soothing

MultiEx BSASM consists of 7 kinds of plant extracts which show anti-inflammatory effect and immunomodulatory effect simultaneously. This complex immediately relieves and calms skin irritation and itching caused by severe dryness.

Features of BSASM™
  • Soothing effect: MultiEx BSASM completely reduces SDS-induced irritation at 1% concentration.
  • Anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect: MultiEx BSASM is designed for eczema skin, sensitive skin and dry skin.
  • Anti-Oxidative effect: MultiEx BSASM showed Anti-oxidative activity in a dose dependent manner by DPPH and SOD experiment.
Clinical Results for Atopic Dermatitis
  • Performance: Dr. Kyu-Han Kim at the College of Medicine, Seoul National University, South Korea
  • Volunteers: Thirty children with mild atopic dermatitis (11 boys and 19 girls, 6-15 years)
  • Treatment: Twice a day
  • Checking period: 2 weeks, 4 weeks