WhiteTen™; Skin Whitening

WhiteTen is a unique skin whitening ingredient composed of 10 different skin whitening agents which are already demonstrated whitening efficacy.

Clinical Results
Skin whitening effect on dark skin

Skin whitening effect on dark skin

WhiteTen showed statistically significant skin whitening effect. Skin tone improved significantly as spectrum observation. After using WhiteTen, the face tone (color spectrum) was more even than before treatment.

  • Test Center: SPINCONTROL ASIA Co., Ltd.
  • Test Period: February 07, 2012 ~ April 03, 2012
  • Method: The evaluation was performed using: Chromametry
  • Population: 20 female subjects (age between 18-50 years old) who present dark spots on the face
  • Test Product: WhiteTen, Placebo
  • Conclusion: WhiteTen was superior whitening effect to placebo