MelaNo™; Skin Whitening Oil

An oil mixture for skin whitening, MelaNo contains three oily compounds.
Alpha-Bisabolol of candeia tree oil has been approved as a skin whitening agent by KFDA.
Linoleic acid of safflower oil is also well known as skin whitening active.


Vitamin E is strong anti-oxidant and helps two actives to work more effectively.

Clinical Results

MelaNo lightens dark spot after treating 2 months

MelaNo showed statistically significant skin whitening effect. Skin tone improved significantly as spectrum observation. After using MelaNo, the face tone (color spectrum) was more even than before treatment.

  • Test Center: SPINCONTROL ASIA Co., Ltd.
  • Method: Apply twice a day on face for 2 months
  • Population: 20 female subjects (age between 18-50 years old)
  • Test Product: Lotion containing 2% of MelaNo, Placebo
  • Conclusion: In the long term period (2 months) application of product MelaNo tended to induce a superior lightening effect to Placebo.